drive me bananas


Our goal is to help create healthy offices

Staying healthy at work should be easy.

Why And How We Got Started.

During new hire orientation at one of my previous jobs, I was told by a tenured employee to expect to gain 10lbs during my first year. I laughed at the comment and thought to myself, No way! How is that even possible?

I soon found out that staying healthy at work is difficult at best. Besides the long hours, processed snacks seemed to be everywhere. Bowls filled with candy, leftover cake and pizza in the break room, donuts, and homemade cookies at the front desk - you get the picture.

Drive Me Bananas was born out of the desire to help change how and what we eat and make it much easier to stay healthy.  Today, we deliver to hundreds of break rooms and last year, we delivered over a million pieces of fresh fruit. 

We are grateful for the health minded companies and individuals that we are lucky enough to call our customers and look forward to making healthy snacks as easily accessible as the ubiquitous office candy bowl. 

Many thanks,